Hunter Biden’s lawyers refuse to admit laptop’s existence was in the interest of an investigation into leakers.

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Hunter Biden’s lawyers urged the federal and state prosecutors across the nation to initiate criminal probes into his critics on Wednesday however, they denied that it claimed that reports on the contents of the laptop are true.

Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, wrote letters to the Justice Department and the Delaware attorney general, calling for an investigation of Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and John Mac Isaac, who is the owner of the computer repair shop in which Biden was believed that he abandoned his laptop. Biden’s lawyers also issued cease and desist letters to other individuals who accessed and shared the contents of the laptop.

However, despite the appearances Lowell insists that Wednesday’s letter don’t constitute an acceptance of the laptop’s legitimacy. Biden’s legal counsel says that the laptops that were made available to the public could have been altered.

“These letters don’t confirm Mac Isaac’s and other versions of what is known as a laptop,” Lowell told Fox News Digital. “They discuss their actions of obtaining, manipulating the dissemination of what they believe as being”Mr. Biden’s personal information and where they say they have obtained the information.”

Lowell In the letters, Lowell argued in the letters that Mac Isaac and the others did not have the right to examine what was inside Biden’s computer and even to create copies for the media.

“This unsuccessful dirty political trick directly led to the public disclosure of, exploitation and manipulation of. Biden’s personal and private data,” Lowell wrote in an open letter. “Politicians as well as the media have illegally obtained, copied, published and altered data to deceive the public and harm Mr. Biden.”


The letter then went on to charge Mac Isaac of “theft of computer services” as well as Giuliani accused Giuliani “possession of property that was stolen..

“Mr. Mac Isaac chose to collaborate with the personal lawyer to use his. Biden’s personal data on computers in the direction of his dad, Joseph R. Biden through a wrongful transfer of the Mr. Biden’s personal information in The New York Post,” Lowell wrote.

The new legal rage is happening in the midst of Republicans in Capitol Hill are preparing their own inquiries into Biden’s family and more broadly.

A upcoming hearing of the House Oversight Committee will focus on the censorship by Twitter of the New York Post’s initial story about the “laptop from hell” that was published just months prior to Election Day in 2020.