Jessica Simpson reveals secret romance with a ‘massive film star’

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Jessica Simpson has released an Amazon original short story that she wrote, “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single.” The story outlines an encounter Simpson claims she’s had with an unnamed actor who she “grew up believing was super gorgeous.”

It all started as she describes it, in the year she was just five days away from her relationship with her fellow musician Nick Lachey, whom she later got married to.

According to her own account the time was in early September 2001. Simpson “had been with my first boyfriend, Nick I was unsure of how to become dating.”

She was at the 2001 MTV VMAs after party when the actor, who she calls Movie Star, met her and “eyeballed ” her up and down, “Like he was looking at me in the mirror.” …”

The singer, then 21, claimed she spotted his phone numberbut did not call him, and came across him later and was discussing the possibility of doing an music video with him however, this never transpired and they lost contact once she and Lachey returned to each other and were married.

They split in 2006, and a producer informed her that, “I have somebody who’s been after you for a long time and you don’t realize that it’s happening” linking her to The Movie Star.

Simpson says that they met on The Beverly Hills Hotel while he was getting ready for an awards show . They also they shared their first kiss.

“He messaged me during the show,” she writes. “The show was so massive that I was like a celebrity that every gorgeous woman in Hollywood was in attendance and he was interested in me to be there.”

However, the plot twist is “In truth there was another stunning lady in the life of his which was His girlfriend.”

“Shortly after I saw a picture that showed Movie Star on a red carpet with her,” Simpson revealed. “I did not think I was ever in my life going to be that woman.”

After telling her that the couple had split and were just getting photos in order to keep the gossip about their split coming out, the actor who was not named kept on pursuing her.

She wrote that she invited her to go to visit him during filming, but they needed to drive separately to the hotel, where there were bedrooms on floors that were different, and she was told to utilize the fire escape in order to get to his room.

Simpson admitted that she realised that the celeb was trying try to “hide her from the girlfriend.”

According to her, they had no sex, and she ended the relationship according to her own terms, however she did receive some sort of token to commemorate him with.

“I required a medallion to commemorate this accomplishment and so I took the pillowcase he used to sleep on,” she wrote. “I did not care if it was creepy or the recipient had to pay for this… It was a way to say that it was a blast and now I’m able to remember you.”