Steph Curry demonstrates that the real American divisions are in wealth not race

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In the information-technology world, you learn quickly that the most likely way a company will get hacked is not through exploiting systems but instead by exploiting people. Even the smartest people can be fooled because they think they’re invincible of being swindled.

I’m no different. I’ve been scammed before when I bought a second-hand Audi on Craigslist — and it broke down for me during Garden State Parkway traffic.

The majority of scams don’t present its victims with a quick monetary reward. Sometimes, it’s just a tactic to manipulate public perception to safeguard reputation and assets.

It’s a low-investment, high-reward boutique-public-relations scheme perpetrated by the wealthiest Americans, like NBA player Steph Curry, to swindle the public into gaining constant favorability: It’s called social-justice aristocratic activism.

In the past, Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, who have run for president Biden as well as Black Lives Matter, opposed the construction of multi-family homes located in Atherton, Calif., which was ranked as the top choice for the most expensive ZIP code in the last year. The Currys have written a letter to the town, stating “We do not want to join the “not in our backyard’ (literally) rhetoric, however, we felt it was important to leave an email prior to today’s meeting. Privacy and safety for us and our children continues to be our main concern and one of the primary reasons why we chose Atherton as our new home.”

“We would like to request that the town approve the new housing element , but without the addition the 23 Oakwood. If this isn’t enough to meet the needs of our state, then we would like that the town agree to the purchase of a significantly taller fence and landscaping that blocks views of the property of our family.”

The aristocratic activists of America know that modern activism demands only lip service to an ideal cause you proclaim to be passionate about. And as long as you throw some tax-free pennies to a nondescript organization, you’ll remain in the throne without injury.

Steph Curry and his fellows in the business world have deceived people into thinking that their public image as a righteous fighter for equality is identical to their personal persona. They’re willing to talk on the news about their efforts to advance the common person but will do whatever it takes to avoid living near us. They even have a moat around castles to justify their existence.

Social justice aristocrats would like you to believe that the only difference that is important is the result of unchangeable traits like skin color. This is to deter from examining the inequality in wealth in our nation. It is your responsibility to be alert regarding the proportion of superficial diversity that exists in your surroundings , but don’t take any attention to class differences and the effect it has on society.

In a state that is rife with housing shortages like California chances for normal people to have a place to call home as well as for children to lay their heads in the night are hard to be found. I’ve been that kid that was not able to afford a permanent residence and was forced to sleep in hotel rooms or an emergency shelter for homeless.

This so-called humanitarian is trying to eliminate this possibility for other people by using his wealth and fame to stop ordinary individuals from having even a small part of what he owns as a safe place that they can call their own.