Eddie Murphy Says ‘Martin Is Paying’ If His and Martin Lawrence’s Kids Wed ‘Don’t Try to Switch’

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Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence may have different page with their checkbooks in regards to their future weddings for their children.

In June 2022 Lawrence, said Lawrence would “try to convince Eddie to cover the cost” If their children, Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy were to get married in a segment during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

“That’s not the way it works,” Murphy, 61 laughed in reaction to the joke when was recently questioned by Canadian news outlet Etalk.

“My daughter just got married and I was required to pay for it -in fact, I was obligated to pay,” he said, refers to the custom of having dads of bride pays for the wedding. “You should be the same way, Martin.”

“Don’t try to change it up . Don’t attempt to alter the theme, and —, make no Hollywood switch. The wedding is your expense. If the wedding falls down, Martin is paying,” he warned, adding , with a smile, “And the wedding better be spectacular.”

Jasmin and Eric the couple, who came out on social media to announce their romance on June 20, 2021 were not ever introduced by their fathers, Jasmin, 27, told InTouch Weekly in an interview. InTouch Weekly.

“It was not even our fathers, but they’ve made two movies together, and they’re close friends,” she said.

The two “became very good friends due to the fact that we shared a lot different things” She said, noting that the two “understood one another” because of their similar backgrounds as children growing as children in Hollywood.

They both Jasmin along with Eric are father’s firstborns. Lawrence has Jasmin with his ex-wife Patricia Southall, and is also father to two daughters, Iyanna 22 and Amara 20.

Eric 33-year-old Eric is the oldest of Murphy’s 10 children. The actor has Eric with his ex Paulette McNeely