Kit Harington opens up about mental health and continues to attend “support groups”

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Kit Harington went on The View earlier this week to promote his upcoming film Baby Ruby. The actor discussed a variety of topics, many of which were humorous, but the actor also spoke about some serious issues.

This included his stay in a rehabilitation center, which he visited at the end the series Game of Thrones to get assistance. This experience left a mark on him that has influenced his ideas to today.

“I’m an advocate of talk therapy , and I was through many of those as I was going through the experience I had,” Harington said. “And I’m still doing that until this day, I am part of (for the sake of having an appropriate word) support groups I attend where I discuss my issues and help me. Also, I do lots of exercise , which stops my brain from going insane.”

The interview was lighthearted, including Harington speaking about being a father figure to a young son and recalling his experiences in Game of Thrones. The panelists appear to be huge fans. They’ve been on the show for a long time. The View cohost Whoopi Goldberg even has an Iron Throne toilet in her dressing room.

“I need to inform youthat we’ve been trying all the time Game of Thrones is on to convince you to on this show but due to the filming schedules you have and all that (it never happened),” Goldberg told Harington. “So it’s one of the shows that have been watching since the beginning, was my top choice and is still [thatthe case. If I’m looking for something truly entertaining I head to the theater. It’s an excellent show, and thank you for putting it on.”

Harington also responded to a few quick-fire questions on Game of Thrones. A few highlights:

There’s no way he could talk regarding his Jon Snow sequel show in the process of development at HBO. “There’s no information I can give you regarding this and I’m very sorry.”

Which was your most challenging scene shoot? “It is trying to travel on these dragons that is just an uncomfortable experience that you’ll experience throughout your life.”

The most entertaining thing? “Probably it’s the cave.” Harington met his wife Rose Leslie (Ygritte) on the set of the film.

Who else would you wanted to play? “I would have loved to play Ned Stark, I think. One season was one of the greatest stories ever.”

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