Bella Ramsey has finally started playing ‘The Last of Us’

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The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey has announced that they’ve started playing the video game that the popular HBO series was based upon.

In an interview from last year, Ramsey [who plays Ellie in HBO’s The Last Of Us] stated the fact that they had been “encouraged” to not play the classic video game.

“After the first time I auditioned they asked me “Have you ever played this song and if I answered”No’, and they replied “Keep it this way”,” they told USA Today.

In a new interview , Josh Horowitz’ Happy Sad Confused Podcast however, Ramsey revealed that they started playing it just after the very first episode The Last Of Us was made available.

“I have actually begun playing the game about just a few weeks back,” Ramsey said. “I had seen a few videos of the games, and even before they told me to not play. Prior to the audition and all that I did watch a bit of the game and knew about the concept and had a good understanding of the game, but I’d not ever sat down and watched Joel or Ellie.”

“I’ve not yet gotten to the part in which Ellie is introduced,” continued Ramsey, admitting that they’ve not played for more than a week. “It’s really not as strange as I expected it to seem,” they continued. “I just need to get into it. When I enter the room and look at all the little details and then I’m just walking about. In the end, I get lost. I just have to move forward and get back to where I am.”

The co-star Pedro Pascal revealed earlier this year that he, too, had been told not play The Last Of Us, but he didn’t pay attention. “Their instruction wasto not engage in the sport. I didn’t listen to the instructions,” Pascal told Wired. “I tried playing the game, and did very poorly at playing it. (But the nephew I had was a star.) It was crucial for me to make notes that were closely related to the original intent of the game, physically, visually, in a vocal manner,” he added.

When he spoke to GQ in the year 2000, Pascal spoke about wanting to maintain “a good space” away from his game through his own interpretation of Joel. “I was worried that I might mimic too much, and I believe that might be the right thing to do in certain situations, but make a mistake in other situations,” he continued, noting that he had left the decision to the authors Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann.