How Pedro Pascal quietly became the biggest celebrity in the world

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There are very few males who are at ease with the idea of saying “daddy” and, among those happy with it, the majority ought to be kept out of. There’s Pedro Pascal — the actor who has accepted the fact that the title of his character is “the Internet’s dad” in such a way that he gazed down the camera of a reporter during The Last of Us premiere this month and declared “I am your daddy, cool, slutty” to the microphone in a loud and clear voice.

If you didn’t know about Pascal before This particular type of confidence may seem self-congratulatory and like it was a product of the Matty Healy and John Mayer school of forced charisma. But, his charisma is real and, luckily for us who are charm-starved Pascal has the charisma in abundance.

The actor from Chile 47 is a cult favorite in a small group of die-hard fans for many years. They may have fallen for him as the smooth-talking, tight-trouser-wearing DEA agent Javier Pena in Narcos, one of Netflix’s first “Originals” back in 2015. Or as the smooth-talking, billowing-robe-wearing Oberyn Martell, who had a depressingly short run in HBO’s Game of Thrones — but gave enough of a performance to stick in people’s minds. People have been calling Pascal daddy ever since the beskar-wearing character appeared to play The Mandalorian, in what is now an extremely popular Star Wars prequels since, the prequels.

For many, it is true that the Pascal reckoning is taking place in this moment, right now. Over the past three weeks, he’s been appearing on screens in his new part in the role of Joel Miller. It’s yet another uneasy father figure and the main character from the apocalyptic thriller, The Last Of Us A reimagining of the hugely popular video game of similar name.

Since the show was launched, Pascal became all anyone could discuss. He’s been receiving praise for his performance as Miller and has drawn in many more fans who’re soaking admiring his looks as well as behind-the-scenes footage. It’s possible to argue that he’s been a hit and that people are just enjoying having him in a role that his face isn’t portrayed for 95 percent of the time — however, this is a different feeling.

Take just a look on you Twitter and Instagram and it won’t be long for a picture of Pascal to appear. A picture of him in a chair with Murray Bartlett, The White Lotus former co-star and guest on from The Last Of Us episode three, set people’s heads spinning. The picture also received thousands of likes and exactly the kind of thirsty comments you’d expect from the comments section below.

Two of his earlier interviews have surfaced again and became viral for the first time. The first is a video in which he tries to determine who is his “bigger daddy” from his co-star Oscar Isaac (the two are close friends). The actor was also recently confirmed as the next host of SNL on a special episode scheduled to air on February 4. In essence, we’re experiencing a complete Pedromania.

But it wasn’t always that the way it was. Pascal could have been popping on TV shows with a lot of popularity from at the start of his professional career but he was never allowed to stay in the spotlight. He was first seen clean-shaven and baby-faced in a single scene of Buffy the Vampire Slayer way in 1999, while the actor was still as Pedro Balmaceda. In the same year the mother of his character Veronica Pascal died by suicide and he decided to adopt her name as a tribute to her however, also because Americans frequently had trouble articulating Balmaceda. After a few more networks TV bits with single-episode durations, Pascal then landed six episodes of The Good Wife. Pascal played according to his own words as”an “asshole attorney” who battles Julianna Margulies.

His next role was The Mentalist, where Pascal was played as an antagonistic love interest who threatens the love relationship of the two lead characters who were which was played by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. Always adamant in word, Pascal said of the character: “There I was kind of like the sad love lover”. The writer added that they “[broughtthe character in so people could begin to panic about the possibility that the two lead characters could not be together”.

Between the two parts, Pascal did the duty for other American crime shows like CSI as well as Law & Order. But it was not until Game of Thrones that he became a well-known face due to the massive size of the fantasy show. He frequently says that the role changed his life. He told Entertainment Weekly in 2022: “Game of Thrones was an amazing, perfect experience of playing the brilliantly written character, who has a major in and out in a extremely solid season of the show. All I can say is that I had the best time of my life, and I would not be here today in the first place if not for this character.”