Saturday Night Live summary Pedro Pascal takes a break performing cordyceps to host his first appearance as host of SNL

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It’s a party! It’s Saturday, and at 11:15, time to celebrate with tonight’s Saturday Night Live recap! I’m your excellent host, SNL in Review. Tonight’s episode is a good-timed host Pedro Pascal, who is the star of TV’s most talked at series The Last of Us, and, oh yeah, will return to The Mandalorian in a few days. In the past, SNL hosts were always on just when their big-name film projects were gaining momentum. Today, television and streaming dominate the zeitgeist more than anything else, so today we’re. However, we should be proud of the coordination.

Today, I am joined by the former SNL cast member Jeff Richards, whose Deep Fake podcast has recently mocked Jordan Peterson. He’s a big admirer of Pascal’s style and says: “Pascal is obviously a major TV star, with a variety of shows on, however, the fact is that he’s also working on small parts in the industry for a while, ever since the NYPD Blue days. He’s back on Buffy during the 1990s, and in the Law & Order circuit. This culmination in his hosting SNL one quarter century later is quite cool.” He writes: “Last of Us makes people laugh, it makes you cry, and is enjoyable for all the family. Fun game too.”

Let’s get started.

Cold Open

Chloe Fineman is Katy Tur on MSNBC. The long , national nightmare has ended: “We got the ballon.” She mocks the reaction of conservatives and then welcomes general (Kenan Thompson) to applause. Oh my, there are a lot of humorous jokes about Seattle’s Space Needle and its deflating. He also notes that the Chinese don’t have to be spies via balloons, they have TikTok.

Bowen Yang plays the balloon floating in the water. “Congrats… I am Joe’s Osama!” He seems to love Yellowstone AKA Succession however outside. In addition, Yang is growing in his collection of iconic objects, like The Iceberg in Titanic. This is very current and amusing, I suppose.


Pedro Pascal appears onstage in the most ebullient purple shirt. He yells The Mandalorian and discusses how he is able to be recognized by the public and is now being called by confused children aged six and asked whether or not Baby Yoda is a mean person actually.

Alan Sepinwall has written about the time Pascal spends on the sets on the set of The Mandalorian, due to the fact that the character is most of the time in the mask. (And stunts.) This makes me wonder whether Pascal has spent more time working on the episode this week at 8H than he did filming The Mandalorian? Jeff Richards is clearly a huge lover of the Star Wars franchise: “I like the bartender since he/she appears poised to get the bar going with a heavy pour. And who doesn’t adore little Yoda because that adorable kid is a party animal.”

Pascal discusses his escape from Chile as a child and his relatives still provide his phone number.

Very minimalist monologue.

The Big Hollywood Quiz

Jack Dell Mar (Bowen Yang) presents a show that focuses on the past of Hollywood with a variety of movie experts. The audience is asked questions concerning All About Eve and MASH follow, which is easy. Then, he mentions Netflix The contestants are confused. Nobody is knowledgeable about contemporary pop culture. It’s and gone. Nobody is watching current films, and even the most the most popular streaming shows aren’t known to those who are experts.

A lot of content. “Where do all of the major famous films go?” The contestant of Pedro Pascal’s, Robert. He’s unable to name three films that he has seen in the last five years.

HBO’s Mario Kart

The Last of Us is a smash. The next one? A different video game adaptation this time a serious dystopian version of Mario. Pascal is hilarious as an reimagined Mario. Yoshi is complicated… and bisexual.

This is a great show. I would recommend it to everyone – with the caution that SNL tends to be a bit more straightforward spoofs of product. However, this is a good thing given the love for Mario, the incredibly negative clichés HBO utilizes in its shows… plus the truth that that there’s a hilarious new Mario film due out soon, starring Chris Pratt.

Waking up

“Who is everyone?” is the question asked by Pascal after waking from an induced sleep coma. Charlie was hit by a Party City bus in Arkansas. His wife and family members are also with him however, something is off. “Let’s place a pin into this,” he mumbles with an edgy tongue accent. The voice is an “LA Mushmouth” voice, and an entirely different character. The older Charlie was an ‘all-male’ male. His family slowly changes to the new man prior to they do. Meh, skip.

Fancam assembly

The most loved teacher at the school Ben, the school’s favorite teacher. Ben, is discussing the school’s policy on technology. Don’t access content that is inappropriate on the internet, don’t harass through social media. The most important thing to remember? Stop creating fancam tributes to him! His feet are always around their necks! They are awestruck by him down. A lot of Gen Z terminology. “Eat up and eat until there are no crumbs left.” The TikTok video clips dedicated to his memory feature a soundtrack to the SZA song “Big Boy” Cuffing season is upon us! and so on.

The man is Mr. Ben is distraught over the focus.

A lot of Bowen Yang so far this episode! The audience is awestruck by this episode and go crazy whenever the character Ms. Jenny (Sarah Paulson) is on the show. It’s a random appearance however, the two began to meet in 1993, in his first year at NYU and have been close since then. They’ve been friends since 1993. It turns out that these students have been traumatized by COVID-19 leaving them permanently on the internet.

Wing Pit commercial

A plethora of wings fills a crowd of football enthusiasts. Many options such as the platter with the carnage of chicken. It’s a good commercial parody, however, it’s not worth clicking.

Coldplay The first performance of a band

A love song that is sweet and romantic about the astrology. Chris Martin dances with a single-eyed creature, as well as an array of aliens. The camera is smooth Folks. I believe that this track was co-written with BTS their longest-running member Jin who released an original song called “The Astronaut” this fall prior to the end of the military service.Jeff Richards says: “Was it really ALL yellow? If yes, don’t you think that you should consult your doctor? This is one of the groups that I believe people think others like. It’s 2023 and it still blows me to think they’re still playing SNL.

Weekend Update

There are more jokes regarding the ball. George Santos smackdowns also continue. Thursday was Groundhog Day. The person who is here to talk about it are Michael Longfellow as Punxsutawney Phil The depressed, chastened, principal character of Punxsutawney’s annual winter festival. “Time is a lie!” He says, while as he takes a hit. “We live in an imaginary world!” It’s not clear if this really works However, Longfellow’s shrewd deadpan style is a good way to sell the idea.

British rappers from Britain Millie Founds and Shirty (James Austin Johnson, Devon Walker) are on hand to discuss the new reign in the monarchy. They rap, indeed. Excellent character work from JAJ here. Also, a funny parody of British Rap. Instead of gun sounds they make tiny sounds like knives: “Shshs.” “I’m intolerant to dairy.” I love this.A couple of interesting throwbacks in this Update — Jost telling jokes, which are allegedly made by Che. Arby’s.

Overprotective Mom

Marcello Hernandez brings his girlfriend Brittany (Chloe Fineman) home to visit his mother who is performed by Pascal. Brittany brought vegan sliders that Pascal immediately throws away, awed. “She does not like spending money” Mom says, when she learns about Brittany’s fine arts major. Mom is not happy, particularly after learning that she put their son on ADD medication. Her mood was changed after Fineman proposes to express grace. Hernandez continues to create excellent sketches that reflect his style. I’m always a fan of sketchy slice-of-life drawings like this as well.

Italian waiters

Pedro Pascal welcomes a table of women in his restaurant. They’re all very bellissima, except for Sarah Sherman is “smart.” It’s like this with the group congratulating each other and focusing on the weak Sherman and even offering her a bowl of chili to eat before taking out the lightbulb on her seat. They team up against one of the women to garner higher tips from the others.Easy to recall Il Cantore Restaurant/Bellissimo sketch from the 90s here. It’s like a reverse of the same premise, but this time, they’re disgusted by the main lady. (Some Pepper Boy throwback vibes are also cool, I think. Check them out instead.)

Coldplay Second performance

A medley spills over to “Fix You” The show aired this in 2005, in 2005, when Lindsay Lohan hosted the show. (Matter actually, Lohan should host again!) Beautiful performance. The band is seventh time appearing on the 8H show. The first time they appeared to the show in 2001!


A toast to birthday Shana (Punkie Johnson)! Her little twin sister Lisa (Ego Nwodim) is visiting town to celebrate. Paul (Pascal) would like “that and” as Lisa requests an more well-done steak. (This is how I also like it Lisa! Heh.) It’s “bussin” and The meat has been cooked to perfection that she’s forced to cut her, shaking whole table with a wildly. “Cook my meat! “Bowen Yang as well as Pascal are hilarious. This isn’t exactly a contemporary Debbie Downer classic, but Ego is hilarious in this video. Watch!

Final thoughts

What do you consider? Did you enjoy Kyle Mooney’s Baby Yoda? Vote here , or let us know by leaving a comment!

-Thank you to Jeff Richards! In his SNL times, Richards did a variety of political impressions, ranging from Howard Dean to Al Franken. Richards says that today: “The one I’ve noticed since I began performing Jordan Peterson is the way it divides people. Liberals and progressives enjoy watching people like this as the crux of the joke even when it’s not about his political views, but his online audience immediately reacts to it even if it’s not or sarcastic. This reminds me of why SNL is a great place to do political impressions. The show always draws attention.” Listen to Jeff’s podcast.

A pretty excellent episode! I had fun, even if some familiar callbacks.