10 Worst Video Game Couples

Sera And A Dalish Elf Feel Very Uncomfortable

( Dragon Age: Inquisition )

North And Markus Can Fall In Love By Accident

( Detroit: Become Human )

Arno And Elise's Romance Cheapens A Good Character

( Assassin's Creed: Unity )

Jacob Taylor Cheats On Commander Shepard

( Mass Effect 2 )

Shane's Marriage Contains Some Unfortunate Messages

( Stardew Valley )

Bastila And Revan Suffer From Juvenile Writing

( Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic )

Isaac Clarke And Ellie Langford Take An Unhealthy Turn

( Dead Space 3 )

Master Chief And Cortana Suffer When They Abandon Subtext

( Halo 5: Guardians )

Tharja And Robin Begin With Stalking And Get Worse 

( Fire Emblem: Awakening )